Digital Brand Tracker

Use Share of Search to track brand performance

Brand tracking for the digital age

Share of Search is a great tool for marketers and business leaders to understand the impact of their brand without spending thousands of dollars and long hours on panels or surveys. Instead, Share of Search uses search data from Google to compare the interest in your brand to other brands within the same category to analyze and understand your brand strength. offers customizable reporting features, allowing you to tailor insights to your specific business goals and audience demographics. Whether you're a seasoned marketer looking to fine-tune your digital strategy or a business leader seeking to understand your brand's online impact, Share of Search empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Brand tracking dashboards

With you get access to customizable dashboards for your brand or product, including Share of Search data as well as search volume, visualized in a variety of ways and of course with the option of downloading the data to make your own analysis.

Create your own dashboard

Why Digital Brand Tracking with Share of Search?

Frequent updates

Brand surveys are expensive which can limit the result frequency. With Share of Search, you get updates once a month at no extra cost.

Low price

As Share of Search is based on readily available data, tracking and analysing it is affordable.

Leading indicator

There are indications that trends in share of search develops before market share, giving an indication of future development for your business.